Storytellers & Writers

A Dual Language, Dual Culture Program helping ESL Students Succeed

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STORYTELLERS & WRITERS is a free dual-language and dual-culture after school and summer program for students in grades 3-12. It helps students not only with language skills, but with life skills in general and the particular challenges that immigrant students face. It addresses the need for ELL (English Language Learners) and ESL (English as a Second Language) students to get extra help in English writing, reading and speaking skills so that they can do well in school. STORYTELLERS & WRITERS also recognizes the importance and value of students maintaining and strengthening their home language skills, as well as the importance of students developing a robust identity with both their native culture and the American culture. Read More »


STORYTELLERS & WRITERS is aligned with Common Core State Standards, specifically addressing Language Arts Standards in Writing, Language, Reading, and Speaking & Listening. The program consists of three components: Reading Stories, Writing, and Performance. Stories have been used for centuries to teach, to inspire, to heal, to make us laugh, and to help us make needed change and transformation. Writing their own stories allows students to address their fears and challenges in a safe place. By creating original stories and working collaboratively in a group, students have the freedom to imagine, try out solutions and bring humor to difficult situations. Read More »

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Transformational Learning & Coaching, Inc.(TLC) has helped thousands of students over the past 8 years overcome their fear of writing and speaking in English. As a federally approved provider of after school supple- mental educational services under Title I, No Child Left Behind, TLC worked exclusively with Title I low income students who were struggling in school. The majority of these students were immigrants or the children of immigrants who were learning English as their second language. Through its program, +Writing & Reading Specialists, TLC was able to help students become confident in their language skills, get better grades in school, and achieve higher scores on state tests. Read More »