Storytellers & Writers

<style=”color: #008080;”>History

Transformational Learning & Coaching (TLC) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2008 in Santa Fe, NM. Its first program was +Writing & Reading Specialists, an after school program for elementary and middle school students. +Writing & Reading Specialists became certified by the Public Education Department of New Mexico to offer supplemental educational services to students in Title I schools who scored below average on state standardized tests. The supplemental educational services program was a federal program under No Child Left Behind legislation (NCLB). In 2013, +Writing & Reading Specialists became certified as a provider under NCLB in the states of MT, CA and WA. As a provider of supplemental educational services, +Writing & Reading Specialists served thousands of students, the majority of them English Language Learners, and had a 97% success rate in improving students’ scores on state standardized writing tests and writing prompts.

In July, 2016, the federal program came to an end and NCLB was replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Executive Director Carol Aubrey created a new program, Storytellers & Writers. This program continues to address the learning gaps in Language Arts that were encountered during TLC’s 8 years as a Title I educational provider. In addition, it recognizes and addresses the need for English Language Learners to maintain an identity with and appreciation for their home culture, and to develop coping skills, resiliency and self-confidence so that they can lead productive and fulfilling lives in this country.

<style=”color: #008080;”>Mission

The mission of Transformational Learning & Coaching, Inc. is to create and provide innovative educational programs that encourage positive transformation and enhance quality of life for underprivileged youth or young people disadvantaged in any way.

The mission of Storytellers & Writers is to provide a quality dual language program for English Language Learners that meets academic objectives in Common Core Language Arts standards while developing resiliency, self-confidence, and an appreciation for students’ native culture through the reading, telling and creating of stories.